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Boulder Childrens Chorale info

A listing of Boulder-area choral events.

This is audition schedule is for the Childrens Chorus Only.
Information on Adult Chorus auditions can be found here

Boulder Children's Chorale Voice Placement Registration

Students in grades 1-8 are eligible.
No preparation is necessary.

Voice placement will consist of:

  • Vocalizing (to test range)
  • Aural recall (echoing pitches)
  • Sight singing & rhythm reading (skills are not necessary for acceptance into the group)
  • Singing a familiar song like "Happy Birthday"
Boulder Children's Chorale is a choir for treble voices. Boys whose voices have changed are ineligible.

To schedule your appointment, please provide your name, email, phone, and select an available audition slot. A confirmation will be sent to your email address. If no available times fit your schedule, you may contact Kim Watkins at to arrange a special time.

Auditions are required for students interested in Preparatory Choir 2 and Bel Canto. Preparatory Choir 1 students may register for choir without auditioning.


Available timeslots:

Saturday, August 23rd9:00 - 9:05AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:05 - 9:10AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:10 - 9:15AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:15 - 9:20AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd9:20 - 9:25AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:25 - 9:30AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:30 - 9:35AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:35 - 9:40AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:40 - 9:45AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:45 - 9:50AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:50 - 9:55AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd9:55 - 10:00AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd10:00 - 10:05AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd10:05 - 10:10AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:10 - 10:15AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:15 - 10:20AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:20 - 10:25AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:25 - 10:30AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:30 - 10:35AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd10:35 - 10:40AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:40 - 10:45AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd10:45 - 10:50AMnot available
Saturday, August 23rd10:50 - 10:55AMavailable
Saturday, August 23rd10:55 - 11:00AMnot available
Saturday, September 6th9:00 - 9:05AMnot available
Saturday, September 6th9:05 - 9:10AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:10 - 9:15AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:15 - 9:20AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:20 - 9:25AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:25 - 9:30AMnot available
Saturday, September 6th9:30 - 9:35AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:35 - 9:40AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:40 - 9:45AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:45 - 9:50AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:50 - 9:55AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th9:55 - 10:00AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:00 - 10:05AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:05 - 10:10AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:10 - 10:15AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:15 - 10:20AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:20 - 10:25AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:25 - 10:30AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:30 - 10:35AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:35 - 10:40AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:40 - 10:45AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:45 - 10:50AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:50 - 10:55AMavailable
Saturday, September 6th10:55 - 11:00AMavailable